Employee Relations, also known as Industrial Relations, has largely been seen a reactive process where HR conducts disciplinary enquiries and deals with disputes. This is done with reference to contracts, polices and procedure documents put in place in accordance with the law.

The services were offer are:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Chairing of disciplinary enquiries
  • Incapacity management
  • Labour Law advice
  • Reviewing and implementation of contracts and policy and procedure documents
  • Retrenchment

Although, at Apex People Solutions we do provide the general ER services we believe in being more proactive than reactive. Our vision is to deal less with the symptom and more with the cause. We do believe that there are instances where employees require means to correct their actions. However, when disputes and corrective action are a common occurrence, we believe that this is a symptom or an indicator of a deeper issue.  We believe in dealing with the cause in order to minimize the instances of disciplinary action and the like.

We would assess our client’s organization after establishing if there is a pattern in terms of corrective action taken. By doing this, we would be able to diagnose an issue and thus advise on possible solutions to remedy issues within the organization.

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