Employee Engagement

We measure, analyze and improve employee engagement in organizations

In order to successfully create a plan for the future, one needs to critically and honestly evaluate their current standing, to fully understand what is working well, what needs a little tweaking, what is a cause for discomfort and what is not working at all.

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Organizational Development

We transform organizations by reviewing and developing their people practices.

The key areas of organizational development that we focus on are:

Performance Optimization

Employee Relations

We have a healthier/long term approach to Employee Relations

We assist clients to deal with employee relations by not only focusing on the symptom, but rather by also understanding and addressing the root cause.

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Human Capital Due Diligence

We assist organizations to understand the critical role that organizational culture plays in determining the success of mergers and acquisitions.

We assist organizations to understand and measure human capital in order to ensure effective due diligence and cultural integration during mergers and acquisitions

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